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Word to Your Mother

This past Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held a big fundraiser at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, featuring Bette Midler and Barack Obama. Tickets were $2,400 a pop. The event was also something of a book party for the paperback release of Reid’s memoir, released last year to no great acclaim. If you want to know why no one cared about Reid’s book when it first came out, read my review on NRO today. I discuss the book’s choice bits, such as this one:

While no one expects Reid to praise George W. Bush, the degree to which he is judgmental and catty regarding the former president pretty much speaks for itself. Three pages in, after lamely trying to establish his bipartisan bona fides by talking up George H. W. Bush, Reid shares this charming anecdote about his early days in the Senate: “[Former Texas senator and vice-presidential candidate Lloyd] Bentsen went on and on effusively about what a quality man President-elect [H. W.] Bush was. Then he paused and said, ‘But watch out for his wife; she’s a bitch.’ I have never had anything against Mrs. Bush, but guided by Bentsen’s crude advice, I’ve always said that our forty-third president is more his mother than his dad.”

What’s the purpose of recording for posterity a bit of hearsay defaming a woman Reid admits he has no cause to dislike? Is Reid really so petty as to insult someone’s mother? Why yes, yes he is.


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