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Words to Gag On, Cont.

Two days ago, I had a little shout against “progressive,” a “word to gag on.” Let me share with you two reader letters, on two other words:

You might gag on “progressive”; my personal gag-inducing word is “fair.” I hate that word because it assumes that life is a rules-bound game, to be manipulated so no one is left out, and that the Declaration of Independence stated we were all entitled to “life, liberty and happiness,” not its pursuit. A day without reading the word “fair,” unless it describes a woman’s complexion, is just fine with me.

Fairly stated! And the second letter?

Sustainable. This is a new bellwether, a new codeword, for “progressives” everywhere. An old and dear friend of mine, who is nevertheless a left-wing nut, said it about 15 times in 10 minutes the last time I spoke with him, and it had already started clanging in my ears. That word is everywhere now, full of the same self-satisfied pretension as “progressive.”

Could not agree more. By the way, at Davos, the word “sustainable” is used more than the word “the.”


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