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Words of Wisdom

Of course, CEI’s efforts at setting the record straight about the Gore DVD will be disparaged as “denial.”  My friend Ken Green at AEI has the following to say about that:

It’s impossible to think of any other area of policy study where this kind of fundamentalist hate-speech is the norm. You can argue over the structure of retirement policy without being labeled a senior-killer. You can argue about medical-insurance policy without being labeled a “life-denier.” You can argue about the efficacy of ad campaigns to make people eat less without being a “fat denier.” But if there is any fundamentalism in the debate over climate policy, it’s on the part of the proponents of greenhouse gas controls who are morphing a once-beneficial movement to protect the environment into some kind of eco-taliban, slandering anyone who disagrees with them, and now threatening tribunals and re-education camps. These people should really be ashamed.

The trouble is, it appears they really do know no shame.