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Work We Won’t Do

A reader: “I’m writing to you hoping that you will be most likely be sympathetic to my gripe with one small portion of the SOTU speech last night… How has it suddenly become acceptable that if you are American it is OK to turn your nose up at certain types of jobs. I work in the investment business now but I would say the majority of jobs that I have had since the age of 15 fall into the category of occupations that the President of the United States has implicitly granted me permission to say that as an American I am to good for: house painting, construction, landscaping, dishwashing and shipyard work. Are America’s teenagers all taking internships at Goldman Sachs during the summer or are they sitting on the couch playing video games while ‘guest workers’ mow their lawns?”

You’re durn tootin’ I’m sympathetic. This is the death of can-do America, the nation that raised barns and opened up the prairies.

Walking my dog round the neighborhood after these recent snowfalls, I kept hoping to see some of the big, gym-muscled teenagers with whom we are pretty well supplied shoveling their family driveways. Didn’t see any. Dad was out there, sometimes Mom. And of course who I imagine were illegal immigrants were going door to door offering to do the job.

We’ve been writing about this for ages at NR. (Our Dear Leader, if memory serves, did a column titled: “America – mow your own lawns!” Doesn’t do any good.

America is changing into something else before our eyes. I’m not sure what, but I don’t think I’m going to like it.

Count me out, anyway. I shovel my driveway, mow my lawn, and crimp my own RJ45s!


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