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Working Around a Timid Majority

A reader:

If we were dealing with a strong Republican majority in the senate who actually acted as if they were the majority, I would agree wholeheartedly with you that 2 Supreme Court nominees at once wouldn’t be a problem. However, what we are dealing with is an obstructionist minority combined with a gun-shy majority and that would spell immediate trouble for any remotely conservative nominee to replace O’Conner. We saw the ridiculous and unnecessary kowtowing to the Democrats with Bush’s circuit court nominees. Why should we expect anything different now? One nominee at a time means one fight at a time, and avoids some disingenuous “compromise” with one nominee confirmed and the other withdrawn.

ME: Do we always have to assume the GOP will do the wrong thing or be timid?

Ok, stop laughing.

But SCOTUS is something different–and I think at least some Republican senators get that. I don’t think the White House has to compromise on anything regarding this open seat and I don’t think anything is really gained by waiting. There will be attempts at obstruction now or in November/December/January.


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