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Working His Sources

If you’ve ever had a bigshot network anchor come to your town, you’ll know they have an unfortunate tendency to regard the common herd as mere props and extras. However, to the best of my knowledge, in Oklahoma or Katrina or Sandy not even Brian Williams used one of the stricken victims to sit on:

An Indian television journalist reporting on the deadly floods that have swept northern India has defended his decision to file a report while perched on a survivor’s shoulders…

The reporter claimed that the slight man who carried him, who can be seen wobbling under the strain* while standing in ankle-high water, had hoisted him onto his shoulders as a sign of respect.

The man “wanted to show me some respect, as it was the first time someone of my level had visited his house. So while crossing the river he offered to help by carrying me… between which, I thought of reporting”, Mr Pargaien said.

The journalist also attacked his cameraman for framing the shot so it showed him sitting on the floods survivor’s shoulders… “The report was supposed to be telecast only with footage of me chest-up.”

On the other hand, it could explain Chris Matthews’ leg tingles.

(*Do click through to the video. I’ve promised to do the same for Diane Sawyer at the 2016 New Hampshire Primary debate.)

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