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A Working Theory

A reader suggests a plausible reason for why the Michigan GOP chair wants Ron Paul out of the debate:


Isn’t it obvious why Saul Anuzis (Michigan GOP chair) wants Ron Paul barred from the debates? It’s not about ideological purity. Anuzis is a McCain guy, and having Paul in the debates is a big advantage for Giuliani. All the candidates disagree strongly with Ron Paul about 9/11, but Giuliani (for obvious reasons) can get much more mileage from fighting him on the issue than anyone else. It’s to McCain’s advantage to have him barred.

Me: I’m a bit skeptical, but the McCain machine theory strikes me as far less paranoid and weird than the idea that this is “Rove machine” at work.

Correction: I am reliably informed that Saul Anuzis is not a “McCain guy.” So I guess it must be the Rove machine!