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World’s Best Pickpocket

I heard the following story over dinner last night. It came from a new

acquaintance, though as far as I could judge a perfectly reliable person.

If anyone can confirm it, I’d be much obliged. I’d never heard it before –

but then I miss a lot of news stuff because *I HAVE A LIFE*.

Here’s the story:

There is a fellow who goes by the pseudonym “Apollo,” and who claims to be

the world’s most accomplished pickpocket. For reasons not too challengingly

hard to fathom, he hangs around in Las Vegas a lot. Well, during the

Clinton presidency, our boy Bill went to Vegas — with, of course, the usual

Secret Service bodyguards. “Apollo” had a lot of fun removing the shields,

transmitters, guns, etc. from the pockets of these bodyguards. (Whether he

later returned the items, my informant did not know.)


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