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The Worms Turn

I’ll tell you, the left’s race to throw Obama under the bus almost makes me want Obama to rebound enough to climb out from under the bus and then throw all his fair-weather friends under the very same bus. Robert Kuttner at HuffPo on “saving Progressivism from Obama”:

 I cannot recall a president who generated so much excitement as a candidate but who turned out to be such a political dud as chief executive. Nor do his actions since the election inspire confidence that he will be reborn as a fighter.

Update: From an e-friend:

Kuttner writes: ” I cannot recall a president who generated so much excitement as a candidate but who turned out to be such a political dud as chief executive.” 

Which I have to say reminds me of all those friends over the years who consistently chose bad dates and bad mates, then spent countless hours complaining about how those mates and dates failed to live up to expectations. 

Not once, in any of those conversations — monologues, really — did anyone ever confess to the possibility that there might be something wrong with their own selection process. No, the problems were all on the other person’s tab. No introspection, no ‘maybe I need to rethink how I go about choosing a mate if I would like a more satisfactory outcome.’ And certainly no ‘I’ll do better next time.’ Because, as liberals unceasingly teach us, they never make mistakes — it’s always somebody else’s fault when things go wrong.


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