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Worries in The North

Just had a very worried call from David Pryce-Jones. This is a rough transcript of what he had to say (all tentative and speculative, of course):

“The Turks have moved their forces to the border, and there are the first reports that they’ve crossed the border. They’ve claimed it is a humitarian mission. The Kurds will fire on them, and certianly lose. Then we will have found a Turkish occupation of the north, which will be very difficult for the administration to confront. We’ll have very little leverage to get them out. It could be a very nasty situation indeed. We’ll have hideous fighting with very leverage to control it. This could throw the whole plan out. It ceases to be a liberation of Iraq. It becomes a cannibilization of it. The rumour that I’m catching–which is only a rumour–is that there is a blazing row between Colin Powell and the Turks, because he feels he’s been lied to and cheated. That they always intedned to occupy Norhtern Iraq.”


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