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Worse than Condescending Twaddle

I loved Ramesh’s dismissal of the ubiquitous “Hispanics are natural conservatives” line as “condescending twaddle,” but at least that line attributes positive characteristics to the people in question. A comment by Haley Barbour at the recent Republican Governors Association conference shone light on the GOP establishment’s view that the point of mass immigration, legal or not, is to provide cheap labor inputs for industry:

“Col. Sanders needs these guys,” Barbour said, referring to the Latinos in Mississippi who work at processing plants.

So that’s why we have immigration? To procure compliant, disposable, low-cost staff for big employers, now that the old method for doing that has been banned by the 13th amendment? Un-effing-believable. Teddy Roosevelt got a lot of stuff wrong, what with that Progressive baloney and wanting to acquire colonies, but he certainly got this right:

Never under any condition should this Nation look at an immigrant as primarily a labor unit. He should always be looked at primarily as a future citizen and the father of other citizens who are to live in this land as fellows with our children and our children’s children.


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