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Worse Than I Thought

A kind reader sent me a link to the full statement of the traditionalist Catholic splinter group I mentioned in an earlier post.

Bishop Fellay actually hints that the Pope’s soul is in danger because of the policies he has implemented: “It is true that for the Holy Father the day of judgment is approaching, and that he will have to account for his pontificate. It is a work of charity to try to help him to evaluate these 25 years of pontificate under the eyes of God. For the blatant fact is there: John Paul II, at the end of his pontificate, sees himself the state of silent apostasy in which Europe now is. And leaning upon traditional doctrine, we strive to show that this situation is caused by 25 years of ecumenism.” In other words, Holy Father, 1) the Church’s difficulties in Europe are your fault and 2) if you don’t wise up and follow our opinions, you could be headed for the fiery furnace. Now, I’m not saying that anyone-even the holiest man-should presume upon the grace of God; but I’m pretty confident that JPII will do okay on his day of judgment, even if he flunks a theology exam posed him by sectarians.


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