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The Worst Kind of Pro-Choicer

You’re so right about Ridge, K-Lo. A pro-choice Catholic is always the very worst kind of pro-choicer to put on a national ticket. Kerry and Ferraro demonstrated why: The actions (or even the inactions) of the hierarchy always generate lots of talk. It is inescapable. The candidate is in an untenable position — e.g., I recognize that I am not in good standing with my Church and therefore refrain from receiving communion. That doesn’t look too good. The alternative: I do receive communion, even if it is in defiance of the rules. That looks even worse. There is no way to win with a pro-choice Catholic. And, of course, the candidate always has to make sure to duck trying to receive in any diocese headed by a courageous bishop! Ridge being denied communion would be a great photo-op — for Democrats.

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