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Worst Person in the World Ankles MSNBC

Well surprise, surprise: Keith Olbermann is out at the liberal lunatic asylum.

We predicted this inevitable outcome ( a dead-solid lock once Comcast took over) several times when I was editing Big Journalism for Andrew Breitbart.  Here’s a piece I wrote (under the site’s editorial voice, “Frank Ross”) on May 1 after the progressive side of the aisle had started complaining about Keith. The kicker:

It’s only a matter of time before Olbermann gets the well-deserved canning that’s coming to him, so let the Countdown begin…

It’s too bad — I thought he and Dan Patrick on ESPN were great, and never did get the credit they deserved for a fresh, funny show — one that set the template for all the lesser imitations that have followed.  


But, as a super-special Special Commenter, he made a great sportscaster.

Michael Walsh — Mr. Walsh is the author of the novels Hostile Intent and Early Warning and, writing as frequent NRO contributor David Kahane, Rules for Radical Conservatives.


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