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Just looked at the letter by Bishop Burke of Wisconsin that Kathryn cites below: Compellingly written, tightly reasoned, and utterly unapologetic about the teachings of the Church, even–especially–on the sanctity of life. So many bishops in the United States are so weak and mealy-mouthed that this letter by Bishop Burke made me want to–oh, I don’t know, turn cartwheels. I mean, just take a look at this:

“When Dr. Martin Luther King wrote his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” he cited the natural law teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas in defense of civil disobedience. If Dr. King drew from Catholic teaching to uphold what is right and good, then should not we as Catholics do so as well?”

Nobody kisses bishops’ rings anymore, but if I ever encounter Bishop Burke I’ll feel tempted to give him a smack on both cheeks.