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Wow, Putin’s Better than Andrew Cuomo?

I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin; I think he’s a vicious thug, an opponent of the freedom of his own people, and a threat to world peace and security. But in one regard, at least, he appears to be more advanced than the governor of my own state. Putin says gays are welcome at the Olympics, but that they should “leave children in peace.”

Maybe this would be a good transitional step for Andrew Cuomo to consider? “Okay, okay, you’re allowed to be pro-life and stay in New York State, just don’t teach the kids about it”? That would be progress for him, and it might lead eventually to his realizing that pro-lifers are actually, you know, citizens, with full human rights — just like gays and blacks and Shriners and Knicks fans and everybody else.

(Incidentally, Governor, I notice that you mentioned three political opinions that you think real New Yorkers cannot hold. I’m someone who’s pro-gay and pro-gay-marriage, but I’m also pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. Am I allowed to stay, because I agree with you on the first issue? Or do I have to leave, because I disagree with you on the other two? Don’t worry, man, it’s a rhetorical question. Fortunately, the First Amendment unambiguously permits me to tell the governor of New York to go jump in the lake; which I hereby do.)

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