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Just talked with the manager of the Shelley Sekula-Gibbs campaign, the Republican running the write-in campaign for Tom DeLay’s old seat in the 22nd District of Texas.  The big concern is whether voters will be able to handle the write-in process.  In some places in the district, they write Sekula-Gibbs’ name the old-fashioned way — that’s hard enough — but in many precincts, voters will use a machine in which they have to use a wheel to select a letter, then press ENTER, and then turn to the next letter, press ENTER again, and so forth.  In other words, they have to go S-ENTER-H-ENTER-E-ENTER-L…etc.  The good news for Sekula-Gibbs is that Texas law requires only that election officials be able to determine the voter’s intent, so that misspellings of her rather complicated name will be OK, if officials can determine she’s the one the voter chose.

“Only a couple of people said it was a little challenging,” campaign manager Lisa Dimond tells me.  “We’ve had a lot of people come in and say it’s not bad.  We’ve sent out so much information on how to do it, when you go to the polling place, you see people walking in with our instruction sheet.”

Some polls have suggested that, were her name on the ballot, Sekula-Gibbs would win easily in the Republican district.  But there’s no telling what will happen when voters try to write in her name with the voting machine.

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