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That Wsj Piece

Jonah, I’m with John on with this. That ‘Conservative’ statement of ‘principles’ on immigration was neither conservative nor principled. Other than to make that point, there’s not much to say about it other than to ask, once again, why the squalid and stupid ‘reform’ proposed by Bush is as those ‘conservatives’ claim ‘economically sensible’ for Americans. To repeat yet again, unless one is set on the creation of a Wal-Mart nation, it makes no sense to increase the supply of low-skilled labor in an era (and this is something that transcends the vagaries of the economic cycle) of profound difficulty for blue collar America. Bush’s plan has offended the conservative base, will alienate ‘Reagan Democrats’ and will win, at best, no more than a handful of Latino votes. It’s difficult to think of something more guaranteed to ensure the election of a President Kerry.


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