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Yale Vs. The Military

Here’s an important piece about the ongoing efforts of law schools–Yale Law School in particular–to ban military recruiters. Law schools were only recently forced to admit military recruiters when the Pentagon decided to enforce the Solomon Amendment, which would take federal aid away from universities that ban the military. Now some law professors have filed a suit seeking to have the Solomon Amendment overturned on the claim that it interferes with free speech. This article explains the law suit’s weakness. What is truly disturbing here, however, is the news that virtually every student at Yale Law School has signed a pledge not to meet with military recruiters. Particularly in a post-9/11 age, that makes a shameful statement about the ongoing hostility to the military on our college campuses. It also says something about the biases of our elite. The students at Yale Law School are soon going to be running the country. What does it say that they nearly unanimously shun our military, and seek to ban it from their campus? Although it’s been going on for decades, I’m still amazed that the banning of the military from our campuses has taken on an air of normalcy.


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