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Yanks Go South On Quotas



I doubt this will change your mind about the Yanks but it may make it harder for you to be so public about your obsession. The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network submitted an amicus brief (Word Doc) to the Supreme Court supporting the University of Michigan. They argue that their ability to fulfill their “vital role as the vehicle for the exchange of information and ideas in this country” will be hampered if they are not able to recruit staff from diverse universities. What a bunch of BS. I suppose if they want to hire the best staff for appealing to their Cuban audience they are going to go to a U of M career fair?”

Meanwhile, in the spirit of the times, an Angels fan writes:

“You imperialist Yankee swine! How dare you defile the holy name of our beloved California Angels! May the sword of Allah strike vengeance upon your pin-striped, Zionist operated, infidel franchise. You are a liar and your grave awaits you!”


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