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Yellow Cake Red Herring

Dig deep into Walter Pincus’ front page Washington Post story today, “White House Faulted on Uranium Claim,” and you’ll find this tidbit:

“The CIA and the State Department had doubts about the purported Niger information [Bush’s claim, in his 2003 SOTU, that Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase uranium from Africa] because they knew Hussein already had a stockpile of the same type of uranium that he was supposed to be seeking.”

Oh, well, so if Hussein already had the uranium he needed to make nuclear weapons, then, clearly, there was no cause for concern about Iraq’s nuclear weapons programs. To put it another way, if Hussein was trying to buy uranium from Niger, then President Bush might have been justified in seeking to secure regime change to prevent him from making such purchases in the future. But if Hussein already had the uranium, then President Bush should have left him alone. Is there even a crumb of logic here?

Clifford D. MayClifford D. May is an American journalist and editor. He is the president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a conservative policy institute created shortly after the 9/11 attacks, ...