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Yes, Most Predictions Are Wrong. They’re Also Inevitable

Women pose for a picture in front of a 2020 sign during New Year’s Eve in Seoul, South Korea, December 31, 2019. (Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters)

Politico has fun recalling the many bad predictions from politicians and television pundits throughout the course of 2020.

It’s worth noting that a few predictions Politico selected aren’t quite as off-base as the others. The impeachment of President Trump did not cost Democrats the House, as Jeanine Pirro predicted, but Democrats lost seats and the impeachment certainly didn’t help Nancy Pelosi’s majority. Trump didn’t no-show the debates with Biden, as Amy Siskind predicted, but he did end up refusing to participate in one debate that the commission wanted to hold virtually. Coronavirus did not go away “with the heat” of summer,


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