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Yes, NPR, ‘CaPitAliSm bReEds InNovAtiOn’

NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Wikimedia Commons)

Here is tax-subsidized National Public Radio:


Now, the piece itself is a benign story about stiletto-heeled Crocs, a collaboration between the Colorado company and Balenciaga. Many contemporary journalists like to blame capitalism for all the alleged frivolousness and wastefulness of society. Me, I prefer consumerism and materialism to the utilitarianism of collectivist-induced poverty, but to each his own.

In any event, there were four other caPitAliStic inNovAtiOns that jumped out me on social media the past couple of weeks, as well:

A few days ago the FDA approved the expanded use of a cocktail therapy called Trikafta to treat cystic fibrosis in children aged between 6 to 11.

Last week, the FDA approved a drug that helps patients lose an average of 17% of their body weight, with no dangerous side effects, and avoid diabetes and other weight-related maladies.

The week before, the FDA approved its first new medication for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly two decades, the controversial aducanumab, which may slow cognitive decline in people with mild memory problems.

Two weeks ago, the FDA approved an a drug called Lumakras, which helps shrink non-small cell lung cancer mutation known as KRAS in 36 percent of patients whose conditions continue to get getting worse after chemotherapy.

Granted, these aren’t rubber shoes, but they’re pretty good nonetheless.


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