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Yes, But *Should* She Be Stopped?

On the publication of John Podhoretz’s marvelously provocative new book about Hillary Clinton, Can She Be Stopped?, I wish in turn to offer John himself a provocation. From The Right Nation, by British journalists John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, as fine a summary of the administration of Mrs.Clinton’s husband as you will find:

Left-wing America was given the answer to all its prayers — the most talented politician in a generation, a long period of peace and prosperity, and a series of Republican blunders — and the agenda was still set by the right. Clinton’s big achievements — welfare reform, a balanced budget, a booming stock market and cutting 350,000 people from the federal payroll — would have delighted Ronald Reagan. Whenever Clinton veered to the left — over gays in the military, over health care — he was slapped down.

Let us assume, John Pod, that, as you yourself argue, Mrs. Clinton has learned a lot from Mr. Clinton. What, pray, would be wrong with another eight years like his?


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