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Yes, Virginia, There are Budget Cuts to be Made

Here’s the part of this AP story that I like best:

Fifty-six percent of [Virginians] questioned in a Christopher Newport University survey said they prefer that the General Assembly and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine slash state spending to offset a projected revenue shortfall.

And when asked what they would cut first, 55 percent of the 700 registered voters questioned said it should be transportation funding, the legislature’s signature achievement last year.

UPDATE: Secession? From a reader:

The poll numbers that you love are a reflection of this parasitic relationship between Northern Virginia and Southern Virginia. It would be best if Richmond just let Northern Virginia secede, rather than continue to soak in their tax money while spending next to nothing on their great public infrastructure needs. Northern Virginia would still be the 36th largest state in the union by population, and would easily be the wealthiest per capita.

West Virginia seceded from Virginia when Virginia became oppressive – this poll that you love is a reflection of the fact that the time has come for Northern Virginia to do the same.

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