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Yes, We Can Love Our Elderly, Too — and Must

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference in N.Y., November 13, 2018. (Jeenah Moon/Reuters)

This morning during his press conference, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that it is a false choice to choose between public health or restarting the economy. He then added that if that ever were the choice, public health wins, “because you cannot put a value on a human life.”

I don’t know about you, but I am heartened to hear him say these things. He has talked about the value of the lives of the elderly and some of the others most vulnerable to this coronavirus threat. This is the same man who celebrated abortion expansion on the Freedom Tour and the bridge he named after his father.

On the same day that I had some of the first grateful words about Andrew Cuomo in my life, others on the right seemed to be throwing cold water on such overly sentimental and even demonic influences. I am certain the Devil is working overtime in this crisis, I know it from my own experience, but we can say an encouraging word when our leaders are trying to protect human life. Maybe, just maybe, coming out of this crisis, the abortion capital of the world, which next was looking toward legal surrogacy (exploitation of vulnerable women) and assisted suicide, will take a step back. Please, Governor Cuomo, know that pro-lifers do value all human life and applaud you when you stand for the same. Let’s do it more often, together.

It’s one of my many prayers during these days.


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