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Yes, Wrong Uniforms

Response from another reader: “I work with the US Air Force in Germany, and

a number of guys I know shipped out a couple of months ago. There were only

three guys in that particular squadron who had desert camouflage, and the

only reason they had it was they’d just come back from Uzbekistan not too

many months before. The reason the rest of the squadron didn’t have desert

camouflage was due to funding. There wasn’t enough money at the end of the

year to get the uniforms for the guys, and by the time there was money,

they’d already shipped out. I was under the impression they’d be getting

uniforms downrange, but I haven’t heard if they actually did. Scandalous

and shameful, I know, but our airmen and Marines adapt and overcome. They’re

my heros.” Mine, too, buddy. God bless them and keep them.


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