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Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes!

Inactivists of the World Unite! Finally we have the sort of political movement we’ve long dreamed of! At the University of Pennsylvania students launched a massive rally to demand once and for all: NO MORE RALLIES! It was a protest against protest! Huzzah and hooray! From the Daily Pennsylvanian:

These guys don’t care for activism, and they’re taking to the streets to make sure everyone knows it.

The pack of students holding cardboard signs and marching down Locust Walk yesterday wasn’t protesting genocide in Darfur or the war in Iraq – the students were just protesting the act of protesting.

Six students, led by Engineering junior Tal Raviv, began a ceremonious walk outside Huntsman Hall at noon and processed east toward College Green, where they chanted phrases like “No more protests!” and “Down with activism!”

 Stasis Rights Forever!


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