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Yet Another College To Offer Class on ‘Occupy’

Yet another college is set to give its students a golden opportunity to waste their money by offering a class on the Occupy “movement,” and this one has an interesting attendance requirement. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The Occupy movement is moving to academia.

Thirty-two undergrads are enrolled this semester in “Occupy Everywhere,” a three-credit political science course offered at Roosevelt University that takes a look at the movement and the issue of social inequality in the United States.

“I study social movements and this was something unfolding right in front of us,” said Jeff Edwards, who is teaching the class. “We can take advantage of being in Chicago.”

Last fall, Edwards watched Occupy Chicago’s General Assembly gather outside his classroom to meet in Grant Park. The idea for the course was born, though he first wanted to make sure the movement had some staying power.

Students will read the Occupy Gazette, the movement’s newspaper, and attend General Assembly meetings. Occupy Chicago leaders may present guest lectures.

The Occupy movement is moving to academia?

While Jeff Edwards, who is teaching the class, is keen to make the class appear impartial, claiming that his “syllabus is not a doctrinaire — here’s the party line, get on board . . . the students are reading a range of different types of analysis, none of which contains any prescription for anything,” it is worth noting that the college describes itself as “an urban, independent university committed to student success, academic quality, and social justice” and is currently running an advertising campaign on its website under the strapline, “Unleash Your Inner Activist.” 


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