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Yet Another Newt Comeback

He looks a lot like Santorum did in Iowa. He’s heading in the right direction in every poll, even if he’s not leading in every one. His conservative competitors are falling back (or getting out). And the media attention is focusing on him. Actually, it’s been focused on him for almost two weeks. I was at Newt’s event the day before the New Hampshire primary when he went nuclear on Bain. I thought it was the end of him. Instead, it made the story overwhelmingly about him and Romney and helped knock Santorum out of the conversation. Of course, the big difference with Santorum in Iowa is that the former senator didn’t have an interview with an estranged ex-wife to worry about. The timing of the ABC News report, though, means there’s a much greater chance it will help Newt — on grounds a hostile press is out to get him — than you’d ever expect from an interview with an ex-wife accusing a candidate of having requested an open marriage.


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