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Yet More Evil

My impression is that elite opinion has been slowly moving against the death penalty in recent years. I’ve been moving more and more the other way. It will never happen, but I would be open to the death penalty for cases like this.

 TROY, Ohio — An Ohio adoptive father who pleaded guilty to raping three boys in his care was sentenced Monday to 60 years to life in prison while still facing related charges in a nearby county.

Miami County Judge Robert Lindeman followed the terms of an earlier plea agreement for the 40-year-old man, who pleaded guilty to six rape counts and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

The man had been charged with 31 counts of felony rape in Miami County, where he had been caring for the three boys and a girl in his home. Authorities have said the man had adopted all of the children except for one of the boys, whom he was in the process of adopting. State records show the children were from Texas and were placed with him by a private Ohio adoption agency that is part of an interstate compact to help match children with adoptive parents.

The Associated Press isn’t naming the man to protect the identities of the children, who were ages 9-12.


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