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Yglesias On “Real Conservatives”

Matthew Yglesias often gives thoughful commentray from the left on his blog. Not today. In commenting on charges GOP attacks on George Soros are really motivated by anti-semitism (as opposed to, say, the fact Soros is spending millions to attack the GOP and President Bush), Yglesias writes: “Everyone knows that real conservatives whip up racism and religious hatreds as a method for distracting attention from the class struggle.” Ah, yes. We all know that, don’t we. I suppose that means those of us at NRO must not be “real conservatives.”

Jonathan H. Adler — Mr. Adler is an NRO contributing editor and the inaugural Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. His latest book is Marijuana Federalism: Uncle Sam and Mary Jane.


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