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You Can Still Order Nr’s Wholesome Children’s Books in Time For Christmas (by Ups Ground–But Today’s The Last Day For That For You West Coasters)!

With a little help from UPS (at the nominal cost of just $5 per order for “Ground” shipments) we’ll have NR’s acclaimed and delightful children’s books–the best present you can give a deserving youngster this Christmas–to you in enough time to put under the tree. That’s right: even folks out West can still place an order (before 3PM Eastern time, please) and have it arrive on Christmas Eve (we’ve checked the UPS web site and that’s what it’s telling us today). And don’t forget: we’ll even ship our books to someone for you (how about that grandchild in another state?), with a nifty card announcing the fact that you gave the perfect gift.

And don’t forget what our good friend, mega-syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, has to say about these wondrous books:

“These are great. If children can be taught to read and appreciate good literature at an early age, it helps serve as a moral, intellectual and cultural deterrent to the stuff they are being forced-fed by the pagan and dishonest media.”

“Good literature” is precisely what these books consist of. There’s no heavy-handed sermonizing in these pages–just wholesome, beautifully written and illustrated stories that instill values and virtue! Every child or family library should have them, because they have real worth and lasting value. Don’t delay: order The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature and The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories (perfect for new and beginning readers) now, right here.

By the way, you can also order other great NR books: We Will Prevail, President George W. Bush on War, Terrorism, and Freedom—the perfect gift for that rock-ribbed Republican; Choosing the Right College: The Whole Truth About America’s Top Schools (the best college guide out there–it provides the real skinny on over 120 top schools); and the book that will put a little misanthropy under your mistletoe–Florence King’s STET, Damnit!: The Misanthrope’s Corner, 1991 to 2002.


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