The Corner


The Times : “France has sent a stiff complaint to Brussels about the European Union’s choice of logo to commemorate its 50th birthday next year. The offending image, a child-like rendition of the English word together, does nothing to serve the cause of European unity, the French Government claims.”

EU Commiisioner Wallstrom: “I very much like the winning design, I think it is a good example of a ‘slogo’ — it combines a slogan with a logo. I find it fresh, light, modern and unbureaucratic.

The Germans: Germany is also unhappy because it will be holding the rotating presidency when the Rome treaty is celebrated. It plans to produce its own logo.

The pizza: Britain was criticised for using children’s paintings for its 1998 presidency logo. Italy was upset then because it was represented by a pizza.

Mr. Eugenides : “When the European Commission is forced to commission 25 different versions of a “Unity” logo to placate national sensibilities, satire can only stand in the wings and applaud.”