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For the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File

Our buddy Seth Leibsohn points me to this recent report, from Reuters:

Hayden says he’s plugged media leaks at CIA

Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:34 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) – CIA Director Michael Hayden is claiming success at stopping media leaks from the spy agency under his predecessor, including revelations of secret prisons for terror suspects.

An in-house policy of open communication between Hayden’s office and the agency’s workforce has effectively reduced employee frustrations blamed for prompting unauthorized disclosures in the past, the four-star Air Force general said in a C-SPAN interview to be aired on Sunday.

“In my confirmation hearing, I talked about getting the CIA out of the press as source or subject. And I did that,” Hayden said in an interview transcript released on Friday.

“The preceding 12 months, it was almost daily that the agency was in the paper and very often being criticized unfairly,” he said….

I haven’t decided what’s more pathetic, the thought that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a bright man whose main job is to anticipate what our enemies might do next and whose other job is four-star general, may actually think the kind of strategic leaking we’ve seen for years can be stopped by “an in-house policy of open communication”; or the thought of a public official who thinks a good way to relieve his “frustrations” is to violate a solemn oath, commit a felony, compromise our national security secrets, and abet those trying to kill us.

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