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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Mitt Romney has been accused of late – by Democratic officeholders, candidates, and super PACS run by Democratic operatives (much to the surprise of the DNC chairwoman, apparently) — of: complicity in the death of a cancer victim, failure to pay taxes owed the United States, wanting to return the American populace to shackles, poisoning the common man with e coli, and, generally, being a very mean white guy who mistreats animals. With his selection of Paul Ryan as vice president, we are reminded that Ryan relaxes by throwing grandmothers in wheelchairs off of cliffs.  

Romney shot back yesterday, accusing the president, vice president, and their minions of conduct unbecoming the presidency. This in most immediate response to Vice President Biden’s slavery analogy on the campaign trail in Virginia. 

So naturally, the Washington Post is right on the story this morning, with the lede:

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio — Mitt Romney lashed out at President Obama with some of the harshest rhetoric of his campaign at a Tuesday night rally here, accusing Obama of leveling “wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency.”

We also learn that Romney’s campaign “is also airing negative television advertisements. The latest, released Tuesday, accuses Obama of diverting more than $700 billion from Medicare to pay for his health-care overhaul.” How outrageous! A well-documented factual assertion without any personal affrontery. Ads like that are obviously going to be the downfall of the Republic. Now get back to worrying about dog carriers being strapped to the roof of a station wagon.


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