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You Don’t Like My Lifestyle? Then You Must Wish to Kill Me.

“Mr. Derbyshire: What kind of persecution are you advocating? Is this an

incitement to violence? ‘I have never liked homosexuality, nor tried to

hide that fact; but all my life I have supported tolerance towards

homosexuals as a harmless minority who are just as entitled to pursue their

private inclinations as the rest of us. I have always thought that the

criminalization of homosexual acts was both foolish, and inhumane, and

un-Christian. I am no longer so sure. Perhaps our grandfathers were wiser

than us. Perhaps there are some things that we, the normal majority, SHOULD,

deliberately and consciously, disapprove and marginalize.’”

Only if you are the kind of hysterical moron who believes that the failure

of a person whole-heartedly to “celebrate” your lifestyle can fairly be

described using the verb “to bash.”


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