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You Don’t Say

The popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (complete with its sadomasochism and bondage) is not a cultural high point, to say the least. And while I appreciate that the media likes new buzz phrases like “mommy porn,” I really want to believe this isn’t breaking news to most of America’s women:

“Women need to be cautious of this book. Sex games can go wrong . . . they can lead to something far more sinister,” she explained. ”To begin with I found it exciting. But I discovered there’s often a dark side to men who get their kicks out of indulging in these types of games. I ended up getting battered by my version of Christian Grey when he realised he couldn’t control me outside of the bedroom.”

So while it may seem amazing on paper, things could easily get out of hand if it were a real relationship in the real world.

If you’re looking for this kind of relationship — online or elsewhere — heed Sarah’s advice:

“If you want to use frilly handcuffs and have a bit of fun in the bedroom, I think that’s fine. But there’s a line that can easily be crossed if you’re not already in a loving relationship.”

Love! Imagine that.


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