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You, Google, and Britain

I note a headline on our homepage today: “The Lackluster Conservative Party.” (Article here.) This refers to Britain’s Conservative party, which has just held its last conference before next year’s election. Luster is in the eyes of the beholder, I suppose. But I recommend to readers that they use their Googling skills — better than mine, I’m sure — and look up some speeches. Theresa May on combating extremism in our midst. Boris Johnson, rollicking and grin-making as usual. Michael Gove, tearing the bark off the Left. And, above all, Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech today.

We never think “establishment” parties are any good. And the Conservatives have not vanquished the global jihad this week, or eliminated poverty, or cured the common cold. But if you want more luster in politics, I’m not sure where you’ll find it at the moment.


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