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You Gotta Read Phil Mushnick!

I don’t read the Times (ever!), but I do read the New York Post every day, not merely because it is super entertaining, but because it’s home to one of America’s best columnists (aside from Rich Lowry!) – Phil Mushnick. His beat is sports and the media, and he is a dead-on, sharp-eyed, pull-no-punches social critic. He also writes a column in the Post’s weekly TV supplement, and his piece yesterday

on the harsh reaction to Bill Cosby’s speech criticizing black values is a must-read, especially for Mushnick’s take on Black Entertainment TV channel – he calls BET “likely the most racist, federally licensed enterprise in the United States,” knocks it for “targeting a black audience that it plays for fools and worse,” and finds it “woefully incongruous that black social activists have so quietly indulged BET, yet Bill Cosby takes heat for telling important truths.” You go Phil!

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