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You Keep Using That Word, ‘Diversity’

Kevin — you write:

“We need far more diversity on the bench, in the Senate and in political reporting,” writes Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post. “None of them seem to grasp how bizarre it is to have someone so out of touch with contemporary American life and so disinterested [sic] in educating herself.”

That Jennifer Rubin apparently does not know what the word “disinterested” means is if not surprising then at least poetic. Disinterestedness is really what our current fight over Supreme Court justices is all about.

It strikes me that Rubin also doesn’t know what “diversity” means. Suppose that it were true that Judge Barrett is “out of touch with contemporary American life.” In what possible way would that hurt attempts to increase “diversity” on the bench? Rubin is arguing, in effect, “we wanted more diversity, but we got one of those weird Amish guys instead — and he doesn’t fit in on this team of D.C.-area Ivy League lawyers at all!


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