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You Know, Cornyn Could Get a Little Love from the White House

This jumped out at me in the Washington Times piece on the immigration bill today: 

 Republicans are pleading with the Bush administration to hold firm on the safeguards, arguing that otherwise any new guest-worker program will be unworkable.

    ”We need their help on that,” said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, who for two years has fought to give the Department of Homeland Security new tools to limit lawsuits, share information with the Social Security Administration and allow authorities to target those whose applications are denied and who should be deported.

John Cornyn is a Godsend for the White House, when you think about it. He’s a smart, articulate, loyal guy who supports them when they need Hill support and who makes their case well on a variety of issues. He’s a loyal soldier. And so when he’s asking for something, he should be listened to.