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You Know Who Doesn’t Particularly Care About Impeachment? Democratic Voters

I’ve just been out in Iowa and attended a couple of Elizabeth Warren town halls and a Bernie rally, encompassing probably six hours or more of Democratic oratory between the introducers, the surrogates, and the candidates themselves (the Bernie rally alone was about three hours). The only direct reference I heard to Ukraine or impeachment was one questioner at a Warren event who mentioned in passing in his question that 70 percent of people had favored hearing from witnesses. Otherwise, some of the most left-wing figures in the party — including Michael Moore and Ilan Omar at the Bernie rally — act as if it weren’t happening. And this isn’t a week or a month or a year after impeachment; it’s while the trial is still ongoing. One explanation might be that everyone knows the acquittal is a fait accompli, so why bother dwelling on it? Even so, if Trump has truly committed one of the worst presidential abuses in history, comparable to treason and bribery, wouldn’t someone at least feel compelled to remark on it briefly? It’s another sign that impeachment has been much more a Washington and media obsession than a public one.


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