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Before You Start Prepping the Turkey

If the echo that can be heard at NR World Headquarters right now is any indication, many of you have already started to make your way into the forest and through the woods or are already cleaning the house for tomorrow. If we haven’t missed you yet, a quick seasonal few words: Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are going, wherever you’ll be, best wishes for a blessed holiday.

We’re grateful that NRO is somewhere you choose to click on — there are a heck of a lot of reading options in the world, nevermind the world wide web. NRO wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for all your feedback, which is always helpful and appreciated, even when I’m lousy at responding. Thank you for your support — for getting what we’re trying to do here everyday.

If you’re serving overseas in the military, a special thanks on behalf of everyone who writes for and reads NRO. We’re in your debt and give thanks that there are so many families who selflessly make such a selfless, arduous, life-changing sacrifice for freedom.

On the homepage, we’ll be light these next few days but have left you with a few fresh items to make your way through. See you on Blog Row these coming days and back up to full force Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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