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Young Americans for Liberty Director: McCain is the ‘Real Wacko Bird’

It’s been a year since John McCain labeled Rand Paul and his filibuster’s supporters “wacko birds,” and one of the leading voices behind the Kentucky senator and 2016 hopeful still hasn’t forgotten about it. Founder and executive director of Young Americans for Liberty Jeff Frazee credited Paul’s dedication to liberty for his mass appeal despite condemnation from some of his senate colleagues.

“The real wacko birds are John McCain and his flock,” Frazee told National Review at CPAC. “They’re advancing an agenda that is very much Democrat-lite, and sometimes even more liberal than the Democrats.”

With over 500 campus chapters and 160,000 activists nationwide, YAL continues to grow since Frazee founded the organization after his involvement in Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, and he credits supporters’ commitment to constitutional principles, free-market economics, and “a more humble foreign policy.” He also shared a peek in to the some of the organization’s 2014 and 2016 plans in getting more liberty-minded candidates elected to Washington, D.C. and statehouses.


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