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Your Health Insurance Dollars At Work

Front page story in Long Island Newsday this morning: a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala is paralyzed

after falling from a roof and breaking his back. He is currently in the

hospital at Huntington (my home town). Cost of treatment so far:

$260,000 — “not counting fees for the services of more than a dozen

physician specialists” and “with no end in sight.”

You have to feel sorry for this young man as a fellow human being. On the

other hand, he’s darn lucky he fell off a roof in the U.S.A., rather than

one in Guatemala. As soon as he can be moved, he should be sent back to the

care of his relatives in that country. And the contractor who employed him

should be sued into oblivion, then jailed for 25 years, pour encourager les



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