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Your Outrage of The Morning

…comes courtesy of the Washington Post editorial staff, where Tom Toles’ cartoon portrays Iraq as an Abu Ghraib prisoner in a dog collar. Holding the leash is President Bush.

If Tom Toles is saying that President Bush is responsible for the bad behavior of the prison guards, his cartoon is merely ridiculous and partisan.

But if, as it appears, Toles is saying that the people of Iraq are victims of abuse as a people at the hands of President Bush, then Toles’ cartoon is disgusting and outrageous.

The idea that Iraq today is suffering beneath America’s liberation and rebuilding effort is nonsensical unless you believe that, if Saddam were back in power, life in Iraq would be better. I’m not even going to waste keystokes debunking such an irrational belief.

Tell me how to look at this statement from the Washington Post as anything other than “George W. Bush is worse for Iraq than Saddam was.” How can it mean anything else?

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