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Your Tired, Your Poor, et al.

Catching up on last week’s news:

* America’s first case of “extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis” (XXDR TB) has surfaced — “a 19-year-old Peruvian visiting to study English.” A TB doctor warns against crimethink: “It’s not a foreign problem, you can’t keep these TB patients out.” Actually, this guy could very easily have been kept out. And this: “His treatment cost Florida taxpayers an estimated $500,000.” And finally: “The last time doctors saw him, he was walking out of the sanitarium into south Florida’s soupy heat.” Think he went home once his visa expired? Me neither.

* An illegal alien in Florida murdered a co-worker for speaking English instead of Spanish. An argument for 287(g) if there ever was one: “Escalante provided four different names to detectives before he was identified through fingerprints at the jail.”

* A “university” in California was selling student visas to enable people to come to the U.S. The school’s founder has been arrested but, for some reason, the “students” aren’t being prosecuted, though ICE assures us they’ll be deported. Yeah, and I’ll respect you in the morning.

* Under a new one-year pilot program, temporary workers leaving from two points in Arizona will now have to register their departure to make sure they don’t overstay and become illegal aliens. Oh, you thought they had to do that already? Ha ha ha ha!


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