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Before Your Very Eyes!

From a reader:

From this morning. “Gore: Climate changing before our eyes”

Wow! Such profound wisdom from the Man-Bear-Pig. Doesnt the weather literally “change before our eyes” every single day? It was 24 degrees this morning here in Dallas, and, if the weatherman can be trusted, it will hit 44 by midday. Maybe Gore is on to something here? LOL

You know what they say about earth? If you don’t like the climate, wait five minutes and it will change.

Meanwhile, the moon’s climate is nice and predictable.

Update: Sigh. Lots of readers complain that either I don’t know, or I am not informing readers that, climate and weather aren’t the same thing. I do know that (though whenever there’s weather that is conducive to the global warming thesis this distinction is lost on much of the mainstream media).

All I can say is, lighten up. I was joshing around.


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