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You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown

Sen. Scott Brown (R., Mass.) was subject to a little pre-April tomfoolery last night in Boston:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and his wife, WCVB-TV reporter Gail Huff, enjoyed a good laugh — at his expense — at the Improv Asylum’s production of ‘You’re a Good Man, Scott Brown’ last night at the Hanover Street theatre.

Brown was asked to appear on stage in a walk-on role at the end of the first act, but the former model-turned lawyer-turned pol took a pass.

The Boston Herald has more:

Written and directed by Jeremy Brothers, with music by Jim Zaroulis, “You’re a Good Man” features all the key players in the recent game-changing Senate special election.

And what a parody-ripe story it is: an ex-male model vs. a supposed shoe-in who can’t get her public image up to snuff, plus a third-party candidate with no political background and a deliciously misleading name. Not to mention there’s a Kennedy death involved, which is always ripe for dramatic pickings.

The recently deceased Ted Kennedy (Trevor Livingston) looms over the action as a ghost to make sure all the pawns are in their proper places. He coaches the PR-challenged Martha Coakley (Cathleen Carr) as well as wild card Joe Kennedy (Bryan Daley). Meanwhile, Scott Brown (Evan Kaufman) is more enamored of his beloved truck (Quinn Beswick) than his wife, the put-upon Gail Huff (Molly Schreiber).

We all know how this story ends – it’s Brothers’ deft personality skewering that provides the fun. This isn’t hard-hitting satire, just plain old hilarity. The Senate debate, for example, is reimagined as a manic three-way song, with Brown crooning sweetly about “the people’s seat,” Coakley pattering smugly and Kennedy literally climbing the walls.


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